About Us


Who are we?


Built4 is founded by athletes for both professional and recreational athletes and sportspeople.



We believe

 Everyone deserves quality of life and should have the ability and opportunity to do what they love without any limitations or restrictions.

 We are enthusiastically health-conscious driven and believe that this is the key to true quality of life.

 We believe Life is all about making decisions…

 Our objective at Built4Life is to ensure that by investing in your health and well-being, you are making the best decision.

Our goal

 Enable health conscious people with an active lifestyle to increase quality of life through:

-Combatting pain

-Elevating brain fonction + cognitive awareness

-Optimizing recovery

-Increasing overall output of performance

-Restoring & Improving quality of sleep


Move better. Focus better. Recover better.       
Perform better. Sleep better.
Live better.
Built4| Life